New VHD vaccine for Rabbits & problems with existing vaccine

Posted on June 7, 2017
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RABBIT VACCINATIONS UPDATE: Whilst we do have stock of Filavac RHD2 vaccine, MSD, who manufacturer the combined Myxi-VHD vaccine, are experiencing manufacturer problems at the moment. They have advised us that the single dose vaccine may not be available until July. To ensure continued protection for our rabbits over the next few months, we have managed to get some multi dose vaccines which enables us to run specific bunny vaccine clinics. We have limited availability but will run a set of 3 clinics each month. This month the dates are 

Cove Clinic - Tuesday 13th June 2.30-6.20pm

Fleet Clinic - Tuesday 20th June 11.00am - 12pm

Sandhurst - Friday 30th June 4.30pm - 6pm

To book your rabbit in please call and book into whichever clinic suits you best...

In November 2015, it became apparent that there was a new strain of rabbit haemorrhage disease (RHDV2).  Although not currently confirmed in this area, a case of the new strain has been found & confirmed in Devon.

This disease is thought to be spread by wild rabbits and is also thought to be airborne. To ensure we keep one step ahead of any potential outbreaks in this area, we have ordered some of the new vaccine which has to be imported from Europe. 

This vaccine is now available. If you would like to know more about this or would like your rabbit to receive the new vaccine, then please call your branch of Ashworth Vets.

Please follow the link below for more general information on the condition.