History of the Practice

I doubt there are many of you who remember the heady days of Burkitt and Hampshire working out of the old Victorian building on the site of our Cove hospital in the 1950s and 60s but here lie the origins of the Ashworth Veterinary Group. Fred Hampshire remained as senior partner until the mid 1980s and was joined in partnership by Alan Wynde, Ian Nichols and in 1981 by David Ashworth. Alan Wynde retired to his garden in 2000 and the new partnership of Ashworth and Raijmakers incorporated the business making it a limited company. Hester Raijmakers emigrated to Australia in 2005, I don't think it was anything I said, and the Ashworth Veterinary Group was born.

Veterinary practice has changed radically over the last 15  years and new attitudes and protocols have brought about the changes that were necessary for a thriving 21st century veterinary practice. I am extremely proud of the way my staff have embraced these changes over the last few years and we now have first class teams at all of our surgeries. 

We continue to modernise & update our equipment and skills to ensure we, at Ashworth's,  are always providing the most up to date care possible from a first opinion practice.