Arthritis Clinics - Now available at Ashworth Vets

Posted on November 8, 2019
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What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a progressive disease that can lead to unnecessary suffering and premature death. Vets often see patients when they already have many arthritic symptoms so we are left with having to give anti-inflammatory drugs. These can actually be one of the last things to try so we have devised nurse clinics to help keep owners informed about all the other options and treatments available. The pyramid picture (shown below) details more with the options for Arthritic care.

Did you know that 80% of all dogs over 8 years old are affected by Arthritis and 61% of cats over 6 years had arthritis in at least 1 joint

To ensure that owners are fully informed about how to help their dog or cat, we have designed nurse clinics to cover the other elements of the pyramid. All of these sections can play more of a role than the medication alone and can often start with some changes in the home.

Signs of Arthritis could include;

•Walking in an irregular or uncoordinated way

•Stumbling or losing balance when walking. Not able to jump into the car anymore

•Hesitation in jumping up or with obstacles. Not able to get up and down the stairs.

•Sitting in a strange way with effort to stand 

•Changes in willingness to interact. Maybe grumpy behaviour, that is out of character

•Swollen joints - particularly toes

Did you know that the only scientific & clinically proven product to slow down the Arthritis process is a pet food! Making changes for your pet could be as simple as changing their food or raising a food bowl.

Why book a clinic? If the vet has recently diagnosed Arthritis in your dog or cat then they may or may not have mentioned other options for your pet. Our dedicated nurse clinics allow time to bespoke plans for your pet regarding weight, exercise, muscle mass, Body Condition Score, Diet and so much more. 

Aims - To ensure you are fully up to date with current home care changes & Arthritis management options to this progressive disease.

Costs - A nurse consult charge of £20.90. This includes lots of information to take home, muscle mass measurements, home care plans and advice on exercise. An option for Free Nurse weight clinics is available if this is needed to help your pet with weight management.

To book in please contact your branch of Ashworth Vets and ask to book in with one of our nurses.