Ashworth Vets - Coronavirus update

Posted on June 22, 2020
Archive : June 2020
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During these testing times, our priority has to be trying to retain the ability to continue to treat the sickest and/or more urgent cases. 

If our staff numbers are depleted, then we are going to have to reduce our availability. We also need to be responsible in trying to minimise the spread of the virus amongst the general population.

Please find detailed below ways in which we can ensure we are available for more sick or urgent patients.

If you have been asked to self isolate then please do not come to the practice. If you are worried about your pets health, then we can look at other ways of ensuring your pet receives treatment.

When arriving for any medications or if your pet is being seen as an emergency, please ensure you call us from the car park. We will ask you to exchange your pet in the porch or car park. Cats and puppies/kittens should be in cat baskets and dogs will be exchanged on a long line lead. Medications will be bought out and left for you to take to ensure maintain social distancing.

We have hand sanitiser available for you to use when entering the practice and would please ask, that before coming to see us, you have ensured that you have washed your hands. You will only be entering the practice if your pet is to be euthanased. At this time, we do ask for a maximum of 2 people attend.

If you are worried about coming to see us, could we offer another type of consult? We will now be using Skype and phone consultations if further advice is needed. More details below.

Is the call needed? As we are on depleted staff please consider if it is necessary to call at this time. Please consider email or contact through facebook if necessary. We are finding our staff are dealing with a hugely increased work & phone load so please consider your request before phoning.

Try and limit the number of people coming with you to the appointment. We appreciate this may be hard with a euthanasia but we are trying to ensure we can provide a safe working environment for our staff.

We are now actively encouraging owners to pay by card only. We will now only take payments over the phone so please ensure you do this before anyone comes to collect medications on your behalf.

If you are worried about your pets health care, over these worrying times, then do please contact us. We are available via email or phone or though social media. Please ensure that your contact details are up to date also so we can contact you via email in any event of sudden changes.

Skype consults are available during this difficult time.
If you are worried about coming in and would like us to give you advice and run certain checks without you needing to come down, then a video consult may be a better option.
Video & Telephone consults are £44.19 and this cost will be refunded if you need to bring your pet to the surgery based on the advice given.