Ashworth Vets - Coronavirus update

Posted on July 22, 2021
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During these testing times, our priority has to be trying to retain the ability to continue to treat the sickest and/or more urgent cases. As we move out of lockdown, we are now seeing all cases but due to a huge increase in demand and increased client numbers appointments may be limited. 

We will now be inviting one person per pet back into the consult room and opening our doors for clients to come in and get their products when needed. If entering the building, we will ask you to gel your hands and wear a mask. For those mask exempt, we will ask you to bring and wear a visor or we would request that you continue to wait outside , in order to protect our staff and our ability to keep our services open.

Please check out the icons below to see how we are working as there will still be restrictions in place

To maximise the protection of our staff and minimise the risk of any disruption to our services from 2nd August we will continue to insist that you wear a mask, when you come into the practice.

- From 2nd August, we will be allowing 1 person into the consult room per pet. Your pet may still be held by another member of staff and you will be asked to remain seated during the duration of the appointment. This is so we can maintain a 1m+ social distance as much as possible.

- Clients will be allowed into the waiting room, at each branch, to collect products but we would respect that you consider the number of people in the waiting room before entering

- We will continue to allow 2 people into the consult room for euthanasia's.

 - When arriving for an appointment from the 2nd August, please notify reception that you are here by going into the reception area and they will advise you the new process. We will be continuing to ask you to wait outside for your appointment until the vet calls you in so do prepare for inclement weather as waiting will not be permitted inside unless specific circumstances

- Please ensure medication requests, including flea & worm products, are made atleast 48hrs before you need them. We will also be restricting requests made over the weekend so please ensure you have enough product to last

- You are now able to bring your dog in to be weighed without appointment, but please consider the number of people in the waiting room when entering

.- We will ask routine questions when booking or arriving for an appointment however if you;*Are awaiting the results of a PCR*Have travelled abroad within the last 2 weeks*Are displaying any Covid or related symptoms* Have anyone in the house with or suspected CovidThen please DO NOT attend your appointment or ask a friend to attend on your behalf.

At this time, our Cove vet Sally will NOT be asking clients into the consult room so please bear this in mind when booking your appointment. The staff will notify you when booking.

If you have been asked to self isolate, have travelled abroad with the last 2 weeks or are waiting for Covid PCR results, then please do not come to the practice. If you are worried about your pets health, then we can look at other ways of ensuring your pet receives treatment. If you have any symptoms of Covid 19 or are awaiting test results then please make staff aware when booking your appointment.

When arriving for an appointment please come into the practice and let us know you are here. you may be issued with a pager which will go off when the vet is ready to see you. We will not be allowing any waiting within the waiting room but when the pager goes off, we will ask you to come into the practice and you will be directed to your consult room. Your consult will be strictly no more than 15 mins and you must remain seated whilst in the room with the vet. Only 1 person per pet will be allowed into the room and you may be asked to sit behind a screen. It is vital that you adhere to our protocols so that we can maintain the safety of our staff and reduce the risk of self isolation.

We have hand sanitiser available for you to use when entering the practice and would please ask, that before coming to see us, you have ensured that you have washed your hands. 

Whilst we are still able to offer Skype or Telephone consults, with restrictions now easing we would prefer to see your pet in person. If you have concerns about coming to the practice then do please mention this when booking any appointment.

Is the call needed? We are continuing to experience a high volume of calls & appointments so please consider if it is necessary to call at this time. Please consider email or contact through Facebook if necessary. Do please bear with us if you are unable to get through, we increasing our receptionists numbers to enable us to deal with the increased volume.

We will only be allowing 1 person per pet and would ask that you do not bring children to the appointment unless essential. We may ask you to continue to wait outside if there is more than 1 person as we cannot accommodate more than 1 for the duration of the consult due to room size and lack of ventilation.

We are still actively encouraging owners to pay by card but we will now accept cash if needed. 

If you are worried about your pets health care, over these worrying times, then do please contact us. We are available via email or phone or though social media. Please ensure that your contact details are up to date also so we can contact you via email in any event of sudden changes. We are able to provide any health care products and book routine surgeries so nothing is restricted.

Thank you so much for bearing with us over the last year. Face masks are still considered vital in our profession as we need to ensure we can continue a high level of service due to unprecedented work load at this time. We are following government advice so plans may change in line with this.