Confirmed RVHD-2 case - Vaccine for Rabbits available

Posted on October 18, 2017
Archive : October 2017
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In November 2015, it became apparent that there was a new strain of rabbit haemorrhage disease (RHDV2).  We are now aware of many  cases in the surrounding areas and today (18th October 2017) we have had a confirmed case in the Cove, Farnborough area. The rabbits that died, were house rabbits so it has become even more apparent that we need to be diligent and vaccinate! 

This disease is thought to be spread by wild rabbits and is also thought to be airborne. We do also know that it can also be transmitted by shoes, flying insects and even hay! But there are many other potential transmission routes and that is what is worrying. To ensure we keep one step ahead of any potential outbreaks in this area, we are maintaining high stock vaccine levels to ensure we meet demand.

If you would like to know more about this or would like your rabbit to receive the new vaccine, then please call your branch of Ashworth Vets. To ensure your rabbit is fully protected we advise vaccinating with the Myxi & VHD combo vaccine and the RVHD-2 vaccine (Filavac) ensuring there are 2 weeks between vaccines.  

Please follow the link below for more general information on the condition.