20% Off all calming products for fireworks season

20% off all Calming products during October until 11th November. This includes all Feliway & Adaptil products.

Are you worried about the firework season?

Does your dog or cat hide, tremble, salivate, panic or behave strangely when they start to hear the loud bangs and noises from fireworks? 

When noises can be anticipated, you can help your pet by preparing in advance. There are lots of options available such as pheromone treatments that can help. Please contact your branch of Ashworth Vets for more advice or phone in and talk to one of our nurses. 

There are lots of traditional options, building a tent, calming pheromones plus Nutracalm, a fast acting supplement for reducing stress & anxiety.


Please have a look at the videos below to find out more about how you can help your pet this year.

What else can you do? 

This video opposite provides some general advice to help you understand why dogs have firework anxiety. It takes you through how they can become fearful of loud noises and the many ways you or we can help.

Or check out this link for some top tips & information from the BVA


It's not just the dogs....cats & small animals can suffer too...

Cats often like the routine of a nice quiet environment so loud noises such as bangs and fireworks can really upset a cat, causing them to hide, shivering or even vocalising.

Check out this link for top tips on how to help your cat and remember, these ideas are good for small animals too.