Its Dental month - 25% off all dental products PLUS FREE Client Dental information evening..

We challenge you to lift the lip this month and see what your dog or cats teeth look like!

   Have you often wondered the best way to keep teeth clean for our pets? Does the idea of brushing put you off? 

  During February, we are offering FREE Nurse dental clinics to assess your pets teeth and to discuss easy options to help keep them clean and hopefully avoid ever needing to come in for Dental treatment under anaesthetic. We can show you how to brush, options for feeding dental biscuits or even treats and chew toys which can help. If you would like to know more about teeth then please book in now for your pet's FREE assessment. Plus on Monday 13th March, 7.15pm- 8.45pm, we will be holding our next Client Information evening at our Cove surgery. We will have a live demo with a staff dog, lots of information & freebies available, a tour of the practice and the facilities we have to assist in better dental care. To book your place please call Cove on 01252 542121. Places are limited as this is a FREE event. 

Listed below is some dental care options....

Tooth Brushing

It needn't be a chore, we can help & show you how to get your pet on board with daily brushing.

Hills T/D - dental formulated biscuits

You have to feed your pet anyway, so why not let a special biscuit brush your pets teeth for you! Plus it has balanced nutrition for adult pets.

Dog chews, water supplements & more...

Even if brushing or biscuits aren't an option....we have a Plan C.