Older cat month - FREE urine sample & reduced price Blood Screen & Blood Pressure checks

Senior cat month - helping you to detect conditions early in your older cat.

Our cats reach a much greater age than they used to, so they can develop conditions comparable to human conditions, due to advancing age.

Kidney disease, Diabetes, Hypertension (high blood pressure) & Thyroid problems are all common conditions in the older cat. For the duration of August, we are offering specific screens at reduced prices to try and help ensure your cat is healthy for longer.

Do you have a healthy cat over 10 years? Would you like to know if everything is ok currently?

What are we offering during August?

FREE Urine testing - We will be able to check your cats urine concentration & also check for things like glucose & blood. This helps us look for early signs of diabetes & kidney disease. (Normally £20)

Reduced price blood tests - We will be able to send the sample off and test for early kidney disease, liver levels and thyroid. Whilst this is not a comprehensive screen, it does enable us to check the function of these organs which can help with early detection of some conditions. Being able to treat these things early on, means a potentially longer and healthier life for your cat. This is not a screen we would use on a cat with pre-existing conditions or already poorly. This screen is only £70 (Normally over £125)

Reduced price Blood Pressure - Hypertension in older cats can be a sign of early kidney disease or thyroid problems. As with any condition, early detection of problems can enable us to better manage a condition. Blood pressure monitoring in cats, is very similar to how we monitor it in humans and is a relatively stress free procedure. To check your cats blood pressure during August it is ONLY £20 rather than the normal price of over £65.

Whether your cat is coming in for a routine booster appointment or you would like to get your healthy, older cat checked out- then this month is for you. All of the tests advised can be performed without having to leave your cat at the surgery which helps to keep things stress free for your cat, as much as possible.

If you would like any more information about the potential conditions being tested for or on what is involved in Senior Cat month then please contact your local Ashworth branch

Any veterinary appointments or further tests required would be charged at normal rates.

What age is your cat?

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