Prime of Life - FREE nurse consultation & urine monitoring

Helping you care for your older pet so they can enjoy their prime of life....

Our pets reach a much greater age than they used to, so they can develop conditions comparable to human conditions, due to advancing age.

Remember 6 months to a dog/cat = 2 years to a human so noticing symptoms early and seeking advice from your vet will greatly benefit your pet. Vets work with you to understand the changes and what they mean. We are offering FREE nurse clinics during the Prime of Life Campaign (November & December) so that you can work through any concerns you may have regarding your pets health. 

We are also offering a FREE routine urine sample to look for any potential early stage problems. To book in for your FREE appointment, please call your Ashworth branch and book in with the nurses. They will have a questionnaire for you to fill out prior to giving your pet a check over. They will go through any concerns you have highlighted and offer advice and guidance with what you can do. 

Any veterinary appointments or further tests required would be charged at normal rates.

What age is your pet?

Use the wheel left to work out your pets age in human years.