Senior Cat Wellness Month - HALF PRICE Bloods & more

Is your older cat in Tip Top condition?

Once a cat turns 7 they are considered senior and we start to worry about what lies ahead.....there are 3 conditions that can commonly affect older cats. Hyperthyroidism, Kidney disease and Diabetes are can be very serious conditions and although potentially manageable with medication, they generally are progressive. 

During August we are offering a Senior wellness package to screen your cat for these conditions and ensure that they are in tip top condition as they enter their senior years. Your cat will receive a;

FREE Nurse Health check - to include checking Heart Rate

                                                                                   Respiratory rate

                                                                                   Weight check & Body condition Score

                                                                                   Dental check

FREE Urine Sample - This test enables us to check for any early signs of renal problems & diabetes.

25% off Hills Mature Cat Food - We can through the diet changes that Mature cats require and why they are important.

Option for HALF PRICE Blood Screen - This series of tests will look for any changes that could indicate early onset of Kidney or Thyroid Disease.

If you would like to book your cat in then please call your branch of Ashworth Vets. this offer is available through the whole of August.