Weight Month - 20% off all Hills Metabolic, loyalty cards & FREE Clinics

During February, we are focusing on weight and Body condition scoring. As a profession, we see many overweight dogs & cats but it can always be a difficult discussion with an owner if the pet is overweight. Our team are not here to judge and we do understand that feeding an animal is very rewarding and can help create a bond with them. We also know that owners want their pets to live as long and as healthy a life as possible. During February, we are offering FREE nurse clinics to help you get your pet on a weight loss programme to suit the owner and your pet's needs. We can help offer suggestions for treats, ways to increase exercise or even different ways to feed. Its not always about a diet change. 

Body condition score, BCS, plays an important part in a weight assessment so we would like to challenge our clients to perform a BCS on their cat, dog or rabbit today! If your pet is not a 3 then please book in for a FREE clinic...remember any weight gain can make your animal predisposed to certain conditions. If you need any help to obtain your pets BCS then please let us know...3 is the magic number so get scoring today. Anything above a 3, then book in to see one of our nurses!! Follow the guides below on how to conduct a body condition score at home.