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When you need us and have pet insurance, we want to ensure claiming is as smooth a process as possible. 


Who to insure with?

Veterinary practices are not allowed to recommend pet insurance companies but there are a wide range available. We would suggest checking out insurance policies and ensure cover from as young as possible. Go with friends recommendations or reviews

The main types of insurance are…

Lifetime cover – This cover provides a financial limit for accidents and illnesses each year and renews if the premiums are kept up to date.

Accident - provides cover for accidents only and no cover for illness

Maximum benefit policies – There will be a set amount of money for each illness or injury your pet may suffer (or as a whole fund) until the amount has been spent.

Time-limited policies – These policies have a fixed amount of money to cover each illness or injury for 12 months from the start of the illness or injury. Some companies will offer to auto-renew the 12 month cover for the pet’s lifetime however exclusions will apply as conditions arise.

Insurance policy excess/co-payment may apply to each condition claimed, as per your policy.

There will generally be restrictions regarding conditions arising before inception, this may also apply when adjusting an existing policy so please be aware when choosing or changing your insurance company.


When do I claim?

We ask you to pay for treatment as you receive it and arrange how your company would like the claim submitted once the treatment is complete. Please speak to any of the practice team if you are unsure how to submit a claim. Some companies will allow you to submit long-term and online medication yourself, please ask for an itemised invoice at reception for our supplied medication. 


Why are there claim processing fees? 

These were introduced in the Summer of 2023 due to the high volume and time involved with claim procedures. We have employed a member of staff specifically to process claims and help with general insurance enquiries which allows our vets and nurses more clinical time to spend with clients and patients. This helps to ensure your claim is processed as quickly as possible.

Primary claim for a new condition - £12.50

Continuation claim for previously claimed condition - £5.50

*Direct claim (payment to us by arrangement only) - £25.00

If multiple conditions require claiming at the same time only one processing fee will apply


*Direct Claims. We do not offer direct claims. Any requests should be made in advance to your vet. You will need to give your insurance company permission to speak to us as we will check policy cover and/or request a pre-authorisation, before a decision is made. The policy excess will be paid at time of treatment and any amounts not covered by the insurance company must be paid in full by the registered client.


How do I claim?

Insurance companies usually request submissions via one of these methods. Claims are completed on a first come basis so please allow 7-14 days for completion.

Vet Envoy system – we can submit claims to selected insurance companies using this portal system. Our registered client details must match the Policyholder details to link up.

Client link/portal claims – you arrange a link/email to be sent to us allowing the submission of information on your behalf. This may be via their webpage or app.

Vet access portal claims – we access the individual company’s online vet portal. Please inform us of the policyholder details & policy number.

Paper claim forms – you give us a policyholder completed paper form and it will be submitted to the company via email upon completion. Copies can also be sent to you upon request.

You can ask Reception or email for a submission to be made via Vet Envoy & Vet access portals or signed claim forms. Please use this email address for client activated links or with insurance questions/claim queries